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How we execute

We think 'Asking quality questions' is key.

We think "Asking quality questions" is key.

When one is lost and in need of answers, one first needs to ask good questions. Information is then compiled and gleaned to reach a decent hypothesis, which can subsequently be tested.

EPOCA’s project leaders are trained to do just that at each phase of the project, while interfacing with our Advisory Doctors.


Good music comes from good music directors

Coming up with good findings in marketing research projects is similar to trying to produce good music. And just giving everyone a musical instrument is hardly the right solution.

Chosen players (i.e., well-recruited physicians and samples) being led by trained conductors (interviewers and project leaders) produces good music (good marketing strategies). Of course, the client writes the music.

EPOCA's project leaders are not in any way experts in every single product of every single medical field. But through their experience they know what to do to lead project to success, just like good conductors lead the orchestra to produce good music.

What makes EPOCA’s project leaders unique
Heavily involved in the writing of questionnaires by themselves

In addition to interfacing with the clients to understand their needs, project leaders play an important role in the making of the questionnaires—often writing them by themselves. This avoids generic and unfocused questions, which not only leads to a waste of time and resources for the client but can also mean wrong conclusions based on responses to faulty questions

Project leaders sit in the interview room to probe!

For many of the interview projects, our project leaders remain in the interview room—not in the viewing room—to be able to probe issues that crop up on-the-spot, while the discussion is still hot.This is yet another way EPOCA works to ensure that we have the best-quality questions, based on accurate understanding of the clients’ intentions.

Project leaders monitor the process of tabulation and analyses.

Project leaders just don’t wait at the table for the results to be served. They jump into the kitchen to see how the tabulation and analyses are being formulated—to make sure that no raw data that could 'taste good' is being discarded or left out unused. EPOCA always endeavors to make sure that the project results 'taste slightly better' than expected and have full flavor.