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Why do clients choose EPOCA?

Why Our Clients Keep Coming Back to Us

While we agree that most of our activities are much like other marketing research agencies, we believe the following two essential points make EPOCA stand out, and why we should be considered your best partner in healthcare marketing research in Japan.

Advisory Doctor Input (ADI)

We feel fortunate to have been able to be appointed by many clients over the past 20 years in the healthcare business arena. But not a single project has been approached with the same set of minds.We have been compelled to constantly renew how to view healthcare issues, through keeping up with changes in government policies in medical amd pharmaceutical affairs and the many new products entering the market each year.

What has enabled us to go through these constant changes are the strong links and daily interactions we have with physicians on the front lines of each field. These medical practitioners areEPOCA's 'Advisory Doctors'.

They are our lifeline when it comes to tackling new fields, new projects and new situations. They are one of our pillars of support, offering advice and recommendations based on their experience through our detailed questionnaires. This valuable input guides us in the right direction.

Inhouse Feedback

While we depend heavily on our 'Advisory Doctors', we also implement measures to sharpen our own skills in coming up with questionnaires and interview guides that correctly respond to the objectives of each project.

This may not appear to be anything special, but we make sure to self-evaluate how focused the questionnaires are, and double-check that all related-staff understand what is learned from each feedback process.

“Quality of research begins and ends with the quality of the questionnaire and guides.” This maxim is what we strive for.